azotas B6

New generation of biologically activated ammonium nitrate fertilizer

The photo of Nerijus Kiniulis farm, where "azotas B6" was applied.

What it is?

"azotas B6" is an ammonium nitrate fertilizer, coated with phosphorus and sulfur solubilizing bacteria, as well as nitrogen microorganisms, which simulate the circulation of nitrogen compounds in the soil.

Microorganisms inoculated with ammonium nitrate fertilizers provide essential balance of plant growth promoting substances, soil biological activity, faster vegetation and higher yields.


better nitrogen uptake


ammonium nitrate fertilizer with bacteria


different microorganisms - for effective nitrogen circulation

How does it work?

Nitrogen bacteria are involved in nitrogen cycle: capture nitrogen compounds in the organic form and accelerates the absorption into plants.

Phosphorus and sulfur solubilizing bacteria provide plant with enough phosphorus and sulfur compounds, which are essential for nitrogen synthesis to proteins in the plant itself.

azotas B6

NH4NO3 + microorganisms

Regaulat NH4NO3


Research at Dotnuva Research Center

The effectiveness of the product is studied at the Lithuanian Center for Agrarian and Forest Sciences, Dotnuva.

The results of the research showed that spring wheat, which was fertilized with "azotas B6", remained greener, healthier and larger. The green mass before harvest was 20.8% higher and the final yield was 14.5% higher than in regular fertilization plan.

Lithuanian University of Agriculture and Forestry, Dotnuva.

Where to buy?

Order by phone or by email.

"azotas B6" is presented by:

Belor, UAB

Savanorių pr. 178A-6,
LT-09133 Vilnius

The technology is developed with:


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