Research at Dotnuva Research Center

The most visible results were observed in the early vegetation phase. At that time, plants treated with Azotas B6 were significantly more darker and larger. Specific FIAlab laboratory equipment was used to measure the nitrates content, it was found that summer wheat in the middle of June absorbed more than 2 times more nitrogen compounds  than in plants treated with other fertilizers.

Fertilization plans and yield results:

Before sowingBBCH 13-21BBCH 30-33Nitrogen in totalYield T ha-1, 14 % humidity
1. ControlNPK 18-11-13
250 kg/ha
AN 34,4
250 kg/ha
Sulfan NS26-14
200 kg/ha
183 kg/ha4,801
2. Azotas B6NPK 18-11-13
250 kg/ha
Azotas B6
250 kg/ha
Azotas B6
150 kg/ha
183 kg/ha5,495

Observation data just before harvesting:

Green mass, g m-2Plants air-dry weight, g m-2Number of plants, m-2Plants height, cm
1. Control140330553042.6
2. Azotas B6169533153843.2